West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee Announces Rs 2,900 Crore Aid for Farmers

Kolkata: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday announced the release of Rs 2,900 crores of funds to more than one crore farmers in the state. She also informed that her government would send another Rs 293 crores to more than two lakh farmers for loss of their crops due to bad weather.

Wb 2900 cr news

The CM posted on X-handle, “Happy to announce that we are now releasing today onwards Rs. 2900 crore directly into the bank accounts of our about 1.05 crore farmers ( including Bargadars) enrolled under our Krishak Bandhu (Natun) scheme. This is the first dose of financial assistance for Kharif season 2024, and an equal second instalment will go for Ravi season later this year.”

She added, “For cultivable land of one acre onwards, a farmer gets Rs.10000/-, and for lesser quantum of land, proportionate amount with minimum being Rs.4000/- per year. Since inception in 2019, a sum of 18,234 crore has thus reached the farmers' accounts. In addition, for a farmer dying between 18 and 60, his family gets death compensation of 2 lakh. Total 1,12,000 bereaved families in West Bengal have received total 2240 crore in last few years on this account. We are committed to our farmers' economic betterment and social security. Jai Kishan!”

Ms Banerjee later stated, “I am happy to announce that (apart from providing Rs. 2,900 cr. assistance to 1 crore 5 lakh farmers and bargadars across the state under the Krishak Bandhu Natun Scheme), we are also releasing today onwards a sum of Rs 293 crore directly to the bank accounts of our 2.10 lakh farmers who suffered crop losses due to adverse weather conditions during current Rabi season.”

She mentioned, “This is done under our unique Bangla Shasya Bima (BSB) which is our unique crop insurance scheme where the State Government pays the entire premium for all crops. Since inception in 2019, 3133 crore have reached the bank accounts of the affected one crore farmers! Jai Bangla!”

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